Due to the pandemic the Organizing Committee of HYPOTHESIS (HYdrogen POwer THeoretical & Engineering Systems International Symposium) decided to move the conference from February 2021 to November 2021.
Our friend Prof. Spazzafumo, coordinator of HYPOTHESIS, with the goal to not delay too much presentations and publications of researches related to the abstracts submitted for the conference in February, proposed us to organise a new conference with a broader theme that also includes all WOCMP topics.
As this offers participants the opportunity to also attend presentations proposed for HYPOTHESIS and related to membrane processes, it seemed appropriate to adhere to this proposal.
Apart from the name of the conference and the dates, nothing changes. Indeed, there will still be time to submit abstracts if you missed the previous deadline.
The new conference is the World Online Conference on Sustainable Technologies and will be held on March 17-19, 2021. You can find topics and other information on the official website.
If you already submitted an abstract to WOCMP, do not worry. It will be automatically transferred to the new conference unless you decide to withdraw it, although there should be no reason to do.
If you missed the deadline to submit an abstract to WOCMP, do not worry. You are still in time to submit your abstract to WOCST.
If you want to make sure you don't miss any updates regarding the new conference, visit the website and register on the Contact page.

Take care of you.

Best wishes,

Angelo Basile & Fausto Gallucci
Chairs (and now Members of WOCST Organising Committee)

WOCMP 2020